Las Vegas Office
Las Vegas, NV



PCNA Group provides a wide array of professional design and advisory services to assist design teams in delivering the best possible solutions both on budget and within proposed schedules.

  • Accessibility compliance reviews and risk audit assessments including:
    • Plan Reviews (with respect to both Code Compliance and Intended Uses)
    • Physical Accessibility Audits (new construction projects and existing facilities)
    • Identification for Potential Discrimination Exposure and Risk Analysis
  • Code Consulting, expert advice and analysis for project design elements, including:
    • Master Code Analysis
    • Egress Design & Drawings
    • Plan Reviews (Design Milestones, Peer Reviews, Third-Party Reviews)
    • Expert Code Analysis (National & International)
      • ICC Codes (United States and Middle East)
      • NFPA Standards (Global)
      • NBC (Canada)
      • ABC (Australia)
    • Approval Authority Liaison including negotiation, interpretation, application, and acceptance of codes, standards, and practices.
    • Plans Submittal & Expedite Services
  • Fire Protection Engineering services including the preparation and submission of:
    • Fire Protection Reports
    • Alternate Methods & Materials
    • HMMP & HMIS Reports for Hazardous Facilities
    • Smoke Control Reports & CFD Modeling
    • Representation at Variance and/or Appeals Hearings
    • Performance Design Solutions & Formal Engineering Judgments
    • Qualitative, Quantitative, and Probabilistic Risk Assessments
    • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Commercial Real Estate Services including:
    • High-Piled Storage Permits (and other Fire Department Permits)
    • Tenant Improvement Fire Protection Reports
    • Hazardous Chemical Analysis
    • As-Built Conditions Surveys & Analysis
    • BOMA Surveys and Sales Exhibits
    • Permit Research and Suitability
    • Construction Cost and Quantity Surveys
  • Performance-Based Engineering & Design Solutions; identification and assessment of alternative designs to ensure cost effective solutions and compliance with the objectives and performance requirements of building codes and standards.
  • Technical Audits and Due-Diligence reports pertaining to the compliance application of:
    • Building, Fire and Life Safety Codes
    • ADA/Accessibility Laws, Standards, and Requirements
    • Permit Applications & Requirements