Las Vegas Office
Las Vegas, NV


Standard Service Offerings

PCNA Consulting Group provides professional design and advisory services to assist design teams to provide solutions on budget and within proposed schedules.
  • Accessibility compliance reviews and risk audit assessments, including:
    • Plan Reviews (Code Compliance and Intended Uses)
    • Physical Accessibility Audits (new construction projects and existing facilities)
    • Identification for Potential Discrimination Exposure and Risk Analysis
  • Code Consulting expert advice and analysis for project design elements, including:
    • Master Code Analysis
    • Egress Design & Drawings
    • Plan Reviews (Design Milestones, Peer Reviews and Third-Party Reviews)
    • Approval Authority Liaison, including negotiant, interpretation, application and acceptance of codes, standards and practices
    • Plans Submittal and Expedite Services
    • Expert Code Analysis (National and International)
      • International Code Council Codes (United States and Middle East)
      • National Fire Protection Association Standards (Global)
      • National Building Codes (Canada)
      • Australian Building Codes 
  • Fire Protection Engineering services, including the preparation and submission of:
    • Fire Protection Reports
    • Alternate Methods and Materials
    • Hazardous Materials Management Plan and Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement Reports for Hazardous Facilities
    • Smoke Control Reports and Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling
    • Representation at Variance and/or Appeals Hearings
    • Performance Design Solutions and Formal Engineering Judgments
    • Qualitative, Quantitative and Probabilistic Risk Assessments
    • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Commercial Real Estate Services, including:
    • High-Piled Storage Permits (and other Fire Department Permits)
    • Tenant Improvement Fire Protection Reports
    • Hazardous Chemical Analysis
    • As-Built Conditions Surveys and Analysis
    • Building Owners and Managers Association Surveys and Sales Exhibits
    • Permit Research and Suitability
    • Construction Cost and Quantity Surveys
  • Technical Audits and Due-Diligence reports pertaining to the compliance application of:
    • Building, Fire and Life Safety Codes
    • Americans With Disabilities Act and Accessibility Laws, Standards and Requirements
    • Permit Applications and Requirements
  •  Performance-Based Engineering and Design Solutions to identify and assess alternative designs to ensure cost-effective solutions and compliance with the objectives and performance requirements of building codes and standards.