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Accessibility Analysis

Accessibility Analysis

Our team of ICC Certified Accessibility Plans Examiners and Inspectors offer comprehensive design compliance and risk management consulting. Our strong understanding of the bio-physical impact of health and disability means that we can offer clients expert knowledge regarding the support needs of all members of the community, backed by solid experience in applying applicable codes, standards and guidelines across all market sectors.

Our strength lies in developing and delivering achievable design considerations that meet the client’s objectives and compliance parameters. The end results are design solutions that ensure an equitable and accessible environment for all, while avoiding the commonly associated risk factors.

All members of our Accessibility team are certified Accessibility Plans Examiners & Inspectors through nationally accreditation organizations. All United States team members are ICC Certified Accessibility Plans Examiners and Inspectors possessing extensive experience with large-scale assembly, hospitality, mixed-use, and multi-phased development projects.

We understand that the single most important role we can play is to only support the goals of the design/ownership team. This means that we do NOT provide support to end-user and/or plaintiff litigation efforts. We believe that doing so would potentially create conflicts of interest and a breach of trust between PCNA Group and our clients. While other competitors may exercise these practices, we endeavor to provide our clients with a 100% assurance that we will always support them regardless of any situation that may arise.

This philosophy is why PCNA Group is a global industry leader in providing accessibility analysis, design review and construction audit services.

Additionally, we recognize that while a project may gain approval from a local authority, this does not relieve the architect, owner, and/or developer from the responsibility to also fully comply with applicable accessibility standards beyond their local jurisdiction.   For example, local authorities include the provisions of the IBC and the A117.1 in their reviews. However, they do not include the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), FHA (Housing) or other federally mandated standards.

As a result, most litigation against the design/development industry is based on the failure to comply with federal standards. We are keenly aware of these potential risk factors and always take the necessary steps to assure full compliance, thus avoiding needless risk.

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