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Code Consulting

Code Consulting and Review

The PCNA Consulting Group code consulting and review teams consist of ICC Certified Building Officials, Plans Examiners and Inspectors who provide expert code analysis and interpretation that go well beyond the industry standards.

More than simply reciting code sections, our project teams rely upon their decades of combined experience to answer unique and compelling design challenges by providing solid AHJ interpretation support, creative compliance solutions, and multiple design alternatives or ideas.

Our expertise includes the adoption, research, interpretation and application of the following codes and standards:

  • Building Codes (IBC, UBC, NFPA 101, NFPA 5000)
  • Fire Codes (IFC, UFC, NFPA 1)
  • Life Safety Codes (NFPA 101)
  • Accessibility Codes (ADA, IBC, ICC A117.1, FHA)

PCNA Group specializes in the interpretation and application of federal, state and local regulations. We have participated in the development process for numerous amendments, ordinances and standards in conjunction with state and local government agencies. The PCNA approach emphasizes a risk-managed systems approach to building design through research, compliance, alternatives and approvals for new and existing buildings. This covers a range of construction types and uses, including commercial, industrial, residential, mixed-use, high-rise and governmental buildings and facilities.

Our services include:

  • Initial code-related input during the planning stages of a project to assist in the Planning / Zoning approvals process.
  • Master code analysis based on applicable codes and local provisions used as a “road map” throughout the project.
  • Consultation with the design team on local government provisions and submittal requirements during the design development stages of a project.
  • Multiple plan-check reviews at milestones during the design process.
  • Liaising with local government authorities to facilitate the permit application process, handling of design considerations and managing the approvals process.
  • Identifying cost-effective alternative design solutions to assure compliance with applicable codes and standards.
  • Assistance to resolve and respond to government authority review comments.
  • Conducting as-built inspections during construction to verify that proper implementation of design criteria is applied with respect to all applicable code requirements.