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Fire Protection Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering

Our Fire Protection Engineering team is comprised of an international group of leading experienced fire engineers and risk management specialists covering the United States, Australia, China, and the Middle East. This team is an integral part of the PCNA Group, and offers a full range of fire engineering services and capabilities. We are currently engaged in projects requiring in-depth knowledge of international building codes including the International Building Code (IBC), the Building Code of Australia (BCA), the New Zealand Building Code (NBC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes & standards, the British Standards, and other global codes & standards.

Our experience in developing and delivering complex fire safety strategies and solutions extends across a range of market sectors including; property, infrastructure, industrial, and environmental.

Fire engineering allows the fire safety precautions in a building to be tailored to each unique design by addressing the specific risks arising from the project while taking advantage of any inherently safe aspects within the design.

In contrast to traditional ‘code compliant’ prescriptive fire safety solutions, which are often wrongly assumed to produce inherently safe buildings, a fire-engineered solution sets out to demonstrate that not only is a pre-determined level of safety is achieved, but that it can also be scientifically proven prior to design submittal, and more importantly; in an actual emergency event.

This allows the building to be designed in accordance with the architectural and/or functional aspirations of both the client and design team, while maintaining an appropriate level of life safety, property protection, and business continuity when compared to prescriptive solutions.

Our understanding of fire safety issues means that we can deliver a model building that is safe; while still achieving architectural, operational, regulatory and VALUE ENGINEERING obligations.

We specialize in providing the following fire protection reports, documents, and design drawings:

  • Fire Protection ReportsFire Protection - Outdoor Starwell
  • Master Egress Design Plans & Calculations
  • Alternate Materials and Methods Submittals
  • CFD & Timed Egress Analysis Modeling
  • Fire Alarm & Sprinkler System Design & Specifications
  • Engineering Judgments & Unique Solutions
  • Value Engineering through Design Application
  • High-Piled Storage Analysis
  • Hazardous Materials Permitting (HMIS/HMMP)
  • Risk-Management Audits, Surveys, and Investigations