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Thatcher Company of Nevada

Thatcher-MidPicPCNA Group provided Fire Protection Engineering, Code Consulting, Egress Design, and ADA/Accessibility Analysis for this newly constructed Hazardous Chemical transloading, storage, mixing, and distribution facility; located northwest of the intersection of Interstates 515 & 215 in Henderson, Nevada. The project consisted of a newly constructed 30,089 SF warehouse building, a 2,688 SF Hydrochloric Acid (HCI) Containment Shelter, a 17,866 SF Chlorine (Transloading) Containment building, and several outdoor storage tanks and chemical loading areas. Security and site design considerations were a primary focus of this project due to the risks associated with chlorine handling, bleach manufacturing and the storage of various hazardous chemicals.

The PCNA Group scope of work deliverables included; preparation of both Indoor & Outdoor Fire Protection Reports (FPRs), review of the Hazardous Materials Inventory Statements (HMIS), preparation of the Hazardous Materials Materials Plan (HMMP), review of the Architectural Design Submittal package for code compliance, and liaison/coordination with the City of Henderson Building/Fire Departments through final permit approval & occupancy.

The Thatcher Company of Nevada facility supports a rapidly growing local demand for a wide range of products utilized in the water treatment, industrial cleaning, and decontamination industries. This facility will serve to provide; chlorine transloadting and storage, chlorine processing into bleach, chlorine bleach bottling and distribution, hydrochloric acid offloading and bottling, hydroflourosilic acid transloading and storage, alum manufacturing and storage, and ZOP mixing and storage. It’s location in a heavily populated urban area made it critically important that all fire & life safety design considerations and precautions were taken to ensure the safest possible storage, handling, and distribution measures were applied to this state of the art facility.